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The purpose of this page is to clarify the customizing of the Account Offsetting solution and to describe how to use manual and automatic account determination.


There are two ways to offset account determination: manually (transaction: J3RKKRD) and automatically (transaction: J3RKKRS / program J_3RKORRSSP). Determined pairs are stored in the table J_3RKKRS (from EHP5 J_3RK_CORR_ITEMS) and update totals in the table J_3RKKR0. Data from these tables are used in several reports: Cash Flow Statement (transaction J3RFF4), Account Balances (transaction J3RKKRL), Account Balances in Foreign Currency (transaction: J3RKKVL), Account Balance Comparsison (transaction J3RKOBS), General Ledger Report (transaction J3RKGLK) and others.

On this page only account offsetting determination is described. Cash Flow Statement has its own page.

How to check that the last version of account offsetting determination is used

In order to be sure that the last version of account offsetting determination is used it is recommended to find SAP Notes in SAP ONE Support Launchpad with Search Term: J_3RKORRSSP, J3RKKRS, J3RKKRD.

For more information please refer to the Knowledge Base Article: 2383765: SAP RU-FI, UA-FI, KZ-FI: How to find full list of Notes with restriction by SP.


There are several limitations in the Account Offsetting solution:

  • There is no possibility to determine debit – credit pair when document has negative posting sign (XNEGP) on the only one line item.
  • Account offsetting determination solution only checks document balances in the document and local currencies: only balanced documents will be processed. Existing BAdI (/CCIS/SMOD_J_3RKAC1) can be used to process unbalanced documents.
  • Account offsetting determination for zero period is prohibited.
  • Archived documents are not analysed.

Solution Development

In low releases (EHP 1-4) Account Offsetting solution works only with Entry View (table BSEG)

Beginning form EHP5 (business function FIN_LOC_CI_7, switch FIN_LOCRU_SFWS_UI_00) there is a possibility of using online Account Offsetting determination (at the same moment when a document is posting).

Beginning form EHP5 Account Offsetting Solution works only with Ledger View (table FAGLFLEXA).

In the table J_3RKNEWGLLEDGER (transaction J3RKNGLL) you could choose non-leading ledger for Account Offsetting. This customizing is optional, if it is missed, then leading ledger will be analyzed. This customizing can be changed only if there is no records in the tables J_3RKKR0 and J_3RK_CORR_ITEMS.

Assigning Authorities for Account Offsetting Determination

By default, user has authorizations for accounts offsetting determination his/her own documents only.

Rights for processing documents of the other users can be assigned using J_3RK_KRDC authorization object. J_3RK_KRDCAL authorization profile includes J_3RK_KRDC authorization object.

Manual Account Offsetting Determination

Manual determination can be used as workaround for those documents, which cannot be processed automatically (by J3RKKRS).

If you want to perform manual account offsetting determination in transaction J3RKKRD in closed fiscal period you should customize in maintenance view V_160M_KORRSSP the way how system should behave on period check. Specify application area /CCIS/CCISCORRESP and message type for manual processing. This feature is available with Note: 2138765: Account offsetting corrections.

In order to determine offsetting accounts manually run transaction J3RKKRD and fill selection screen: Company Code, Document Number and Fiscal Year.

Then press Enter.

If the document was processed earlier, then you can see pairs of accounts in the bottom part of window:

For unprocessed document you will see Total Debits and Total Credits in the middle part of window.

Accounts could be combined into pairs via drag-and-drop or via selection account for debit, account for credit and pressing the button Create Pair. Transfer All Pairs also can be used.

For saving determined accounts press Save button. After saving the table J_3RKKRS (from EHP5 J_3RK_CORR_ITEMS) will be updated:

Automatic Account Offsetting Determination

In order to determine offsetting accounts automatically run transaction J3RKKRS and fill selection screen, then press Enter. Accounts offsetting determination will be done if check-box Determine Offsetting Accounts is ON and necessary customizing (described below) was done.

Customizing for Automatic Account Offsetting Determination

Account Priority (mandatory)

Table J_3RKPAC (transaction J3RKPAC) specifies which order the Automatic Offsetting Account Determination sorts the line items in. Please keep in mind that the only main chart of account should be used (alternative chart of accounts will result to error in J3RKKRS). Priority is a number from 1 to 99999. 0 means that there is no priority. If two items belong to the same account, the program places the item with the highest priority first.

Mask with star can be used, for example: 000062* (please note than leading zeros should be mandatory used in the mask).

This customizing is mandatory. In case customizing in the table J_3RKPAC was missed, then documents can not be processed.

G/L Account Pair

Table J_3RKKRN (transaction J3RKKRN) specifies whether the Automatic Offsetting Account Determination program prefers or disallows a combination of debit and credit accounts. To define the correspondence inadmissibility enter N value into field ZINKRP of the table J_3RKKRN. To define the preferable pair enter P value into field ZINKRP.

Setting Rules for Splitting a Document into Subdocuments (optional)

Sometimes, documents consisting of several actual documents can appear in system. Account Offsetting subsystem can split such documents into subdocuments and then analyze each subdocument. In case one of subdocument can’t be processed then the whole document will not be processed either.

Setting logic rules.

In order to define the document that should be split into subdocuments, logic rule should be customized in the transaction J3RKBOOL transaction. When entering a new rule, fill rule’s ID and name. Then, there should be defined document identification rule using standard editor.

Formula Editor is the standard functionality; it is not described here in details.

Setting sorting rules

When a document is defined as the document to be split into subdocuments, user has to specify sorting rules for the items of this document (J3RKSORT transaction). To enter the new rule, specify the company code for which this rule will be valid, rule ID and name.

Then go to the items of sorting rules. In rule item user has to specify the company code, for which this rule will be valid, rule ID, item number, ID of the direction (ascending/descending) and the field of BSEG table by which the sorting is performed.

User can combine several fields; in this case the item number in the sorting rule defines the field sequence.

Setting splitting rules

When items are sorted using the sorting rule, Account Offsetting solution could split the document into subdocuments. To do this user has to define the splitting rule (J3RKSPLIT transaction). To enter the new rule, specify the company code, for which this rule is valid, rule ID and name.

Then go to the items of splitting rules. In the rule item, user has to specify the company code, for which this rule is valid, rule ID, item number, and the field of BSEG table by which the splitting is performed.

User can combine several fields; in this case the item number in the splitting rule defines the field sequence.

Rules assignment

The relationship between the rules (logic, sorting, and splitting) is defined using J3RKACT transaction.

Splitting Algorithm

Example of splitting algorithm can be found on SAP Help: Example of Splitting Algorithm

How To Find Unprocessed Documents

Transaction J3RKNID can be used for generating list of Unprocessed Documents. In case in the result there is a huge number of documents it is recommended to reduce the number of documents via filling section screen.

The second way to analyze whether the document was processed or not: to search the document in the table J_3RKKRS (FROM EHP5 J_3RK_CORR_ITEMS). If the document was processed then in the table J_3RKKRS (FROM EHP5 J_3RK_CORR_ITEMS) you could see one or several records for it.

The other way to check document – run J3RKKRS with check-box Select All Documents. Documents which were processed will be marked.

Online Account Offsetting Determination

For customizing online Account offsetting determination, in the transaction FIBF => Settings => P/S Modules => … of a partner for events 00001025, 00001030, 00001050 fill Functional Module J_3KORRSSP_#### like on the below screenshot.

Account Offsetting Determination Planning

As alternative for online account offsetting determination planned job can be used. User should plan regular run of the corresponding job in the background mode in system.

Thus, user has to set the automated interpretation mode inJ3RKKRS transaction. The documents can be selected by the periods opened in FI module only. The user who plans the job need to have proper authorizations to interpret all documents.

It is recommended to perform the automated interpretation job during non-working time to avoid interfering with the work of other system users.

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