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Which information can you expect from transaction CKMLQS (Valuated Quantity Structure - multilevel)

The transaction CKMLQS or the valuated quantity structure (multilevel) in CKM3 provides a help to understand the multilevel price differences but not the total price. The complete build-up of the price is explained by CKM3.

CKMLQS has been designed to display the multilevel valuated quantity structure for one material. The aim of the multilevel valuated quantity structure is to provide an overview of the actual quantity structure of the multilevel processes, valuated with the actual prices from the actual costing.

The transaction CKMLQS only includes the multilevel price differences from the lower levels, therefore part of the differences are not included there. The multilevel display is restricted to the multilevel processes (production, transfer, subcontracting). In the valuated multilevel quantity structure the values of the header material do not generally result from totaling the values of the components and activities used because:

  • The valuated multilevel quantity structure displays the multilevel procurement alternatives for the finished products and semi-finished products only.
  • Other procurement alternatives or withdrawals from the beginning inventory remain ignored. 
  • The withdrawal quantities of the components and activities are scaled at every level to the receipt quantity of the header material, and do not necessarily correspond to the quantities actually posted in the period. 
  • The components and activities in the valuated multilevel quantity structure explain the capitalized costs only, which result from the periodic actual price. 
  • Other capitalized costs, such as overhead rates (that reach the header material through the order settlement) or from debits or credits, are displayed on the other hand in summarized form for the header material only.

Therefore, the valuated multilevel quantity structure provides an overview only. Use the material price analysis for detailed evaluations of the quantity and value flow.
You may navigate through CKM3 to the next level where the total price differences do match the sum of the next level price differences. 

Also, drill-down reports and virtual info provider are available to use and create your own reports in case you require a different display of the information.

Check the following SAP notes for further information:

  • 1004597 - CKMLQS: Valuated quantity structure (multilevel)

  • 1884961 - CKM3 Valuated Quantity Structure sub-total value not equal to sum of items
  • 1076031 - WIP: How the actual activity quantity structure is updated?

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