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What is transaction code FBB1 and what is it used for?

Transaction code FBB1 is a unique type of Financial Transaction code. It is usually not fully understood and often misused.


The purpose of this wiki article is to give an understanding on how the FBB1 transaction is used correctly in the system.


It is very important to note that the FBB1 posting is only used in certain circumstances when adjustments are necessary, it is not for everyday use in posting standard Financial documents to the system.

Adjustment Postings

At year end, it is sometimes necessary to make adjustment postings between different currencies for a wide variety of Business Purposes. It can be, for example, necessary to post a zero amount in local currency, and a non zero amount in 2nd local currency or 3rd local currency depending on the adjustment requirements: you can see in this example, the local currency amount is 0,00, but there is a 2nd local currency amount of 100,00 EUR posted. This would not normally be possible with any FI transactions, only FBB1 is capable of this type of adjustment posting.

Automatic Postings

Some GL accounts can only be posted to Automatically in the system. You can check the Masterdata of an account in transaction FS03 to see if it can be posted to automatically in the following Create/Bank/Interest tab:

....with this setting in the Masterdata of a GL account, it is not possible to post directly to the account using normal FI transactions such as FB01, FB50 etc. FBB1 does however allow the user to post to these 'Automatic only' accounts as required. Example accounts that may have this setting and that may be posted to directly include GR/IR clearing accounts; zero balance clearing accounts etc.