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Valid for Releases from 5.0 (SAP_APPL 600) till S4CORE   

At first please consider these 3 Announcement/Info note, who summarized all necessary steps

2093880 LC: IT CU 2015 Lavoratori Autonomi
2167067 MODELLO 770 2015 - Announcement Note
2250134 Legal Change Italy: CU Certificazione Unica 2015  

For a list, please consider the following for CU2015 and Modello 770

2122846RPFIWTIT_CU: New objects for Italy withholding tax reportingLegal change
2122847 RPFIWTIT_CU: Italy Legal Change 2015 (Report Note)Legal change
2138901Corrections to IT-CU ReportingCorrection of legal function
2141877Corrections to IT-CU Reporting-2Correction of legal function
2144730 IT CU corrections - changes in V_RF07 viewProgram error
2150612 FIWTIT_CU : Wrong amount calculation for invoices with multiple vendor lines anCorrection of legal function
2160739 FIWTIT_CU : Corrections to Italy CU reportCorrection of legal function
2171257 RPFIWTIT_CU : Correction for Italy Withholding tax reportCorrection of legal function 
2168973 Interface Changes - Corrections to IT-CU Reporting-2Correction of legal function
2157803Documentation: Italy CU ReportingDocumentation error
2180862 Modello 770 New file format-2015Legal change
2197321 RPFIWTIT_CU : Correction to Modello 770 reportCorrection of legal function
2180861 New Objects for Modello 770 New file format-2015Legal change
2225735 RPFIWTIT_CU : Wrong Non subject amount calculation for "Regime dei minimi" scenProgram error
2197321RPFIWTIT_CU : Correction to Modello 770 report Correction of legal function
2254055  RPFIWTIT_CU: Adding new field in ALV output for reconciliation purposeLegal change
2170654  Deletion of personal data in Italy CU reporting - Interface IF_FIWT_DDIC_DECLARExit added 

For report CU2016

2272039Italy Withholding Tax Legal Change for the Certificazione Unica (CU) for the year 2016 (DDIC Corrections)Legal change 
2272040Italy Withholding Tax Legal Change for the Certificazione Unica (CU) for the year 2016Legal change
2252121FIWTIT_CU : Corrections to Italy withholding tax reportCorrection of legal function
2287382FIWTIT_CU : Corrections for foreign vendor PDF generation, FI documents postedCorrection of legal function
2287992FIWTIT_CU : Incorrect output for social security contributionsCorrection of legal function
2288059Italy CU Legal Change 2016: Additional Table CorrectionCorrection of legal function
2284858RPFIWTIT_CU - Truncated Company and Vendor name in the PDF form.Correction of legal function
2276799Italy Withholding Tax Legal Change for the Certificazione Unica (CU) for the year 2016 (Code changes)Legal change
2289386FIWTIT_CU: Issue with the selection of Vendors on special regimeCorrection of legal function 
2303038FIWTIT_CU: Correction for exempted withholding tax codesCorrection of legal function
2306056RPFIWTIT_CU : Reference Document Number is missing when downloaded to Excel for Program error
2342113 RPFIWTIT_CU: Payment reason is not updated correctly in ALV and Form outputCorrection of legal function
2351675RPFIWTIT_CU : Vendor invoices are deleted incorrectlyCorrection of legal function

For report CU2017

2423893Italy Withholding Tax Legal Change for the Certificazione Unica (CU) for the year 2017Legal change
2435009RPFIWTIT_CU: Correction of Legal FunctionCorrection of legal function
2438277 RPFIWTIT_CU : Issue in Classical Withholding TaxCorrection of legal function
2447658 RPFIWTIT_CU : Documents not getting reportedCorrection of legal function
2452012   RPFIWTIT_CU : Downpayment Request getting pickedCorrection of legal function
2458061 RPFIWTIT_CU: Duplicate Data in Excel FileCorrection of legal function
2467129 RPFIWTIT_CU : Credit Memo Documents containing multiple line with same tax typeCorrection of legal function
2529558 RPFIWTIT_CU : Field 'codice fiscale' gets duplicated even if it is not maintain Correction of legal function

For report CU2018, CU2019, CU2020 and CU2021

 2598272 Italy Withholding Tax Legal Change for the Certificazione Unica (CU) for the year 2018Legal change
2654428  RPFIWTIT_CU : Issue with Non Subject AmountCorrection of legal function
2742170 Italy Withholding Tax Legal Change for the Certificazione Unica (CU) for the year 2019Legal change
2878450RPFIWTIT_CU : Italy Legal Change 2020Legal change
2906754Issue in transaction FIWTIT_CUCorrection of legal function
2925628Italy Legal Change for CU Posting solution for new codes 7 and 8 for Non-Subject amounts.Consulting
2935902Italy Legal Change: code 7 and code 8 for Non-subject AmountsLegal change
3020694RPFIWTIT_CU: Italy Legal Change 2021Legal change
3029108RPFIWTIT_CU: Corrections for Italy Legal Change 2021Correction of legal function
3038829RPFIWTIT_CU: Italy Legal Change 2021 for code12Legal change

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