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This document should help you to find the root cause of  Error AA698. From an Asset Accounting point of view the most common causes for Error AA698 in various FI-AA transactions are the following:                                                    


Cause 1


In most cases the error message AA698 is caused by inconsistencies in table T082AVIEWB for view 0 (internal view generated automatically) where there is no authorization for one or several depreciation area(s).                                              

The error is often raised when you go into transaction AS91/AS92 but also in transaction AW01N for example.                                          

Please check which depreciation  areas you have activated in table ANLB and ANLC and then go to table T082AVIEWB and change the authority to 2.                                                            

SE16:  table T082AVIEWB                                                                                              
FIAA_VIEW  AFAPL  AFABER AUTHORITY                                                           

00        TRAN   **     0     ->>> should be 2                                                                   

This correction report is called "RACORR_VIEW0_SET" and it will set field “Authority” for View 0 (legacy takeover view) from 0 to 2. The report is attached in SAP note 900767. This report must be implemented manually via transaction SE38, it is valid also for releases higher than 600.                                                                                  
Once the problem is corrected and depending on your system release and support package you should ensure that SAP note 853754 is in your system to avoid any inconsistencies of that kind in future.


Cause 2


In a few cases is has been noticed that this error is caused due to newly created or deactivated depreciation areas which are not present in both tables ANLC and ANLB.                                                    

In order to resolve this error both tables ANLC and ANLB will have to match and show the same depreciation areas.         

For example:

Table ANLB has depreciation area XX that table ANLC does not have – this could be a depreciation area that was created with RAFABNEW.                                                                                                   

This depreciation area will have to be added to ANLC. To manually install the depreciation area is a matter for consulting since there are tables which could be affected (ANLB, ANLC, ANEP, ANEA, COEPBR).  

Please contact your SAP Consultant for the manual correction of the relevant tables.                                                                                                                                                                         


Cause 3                                                                                                  


Check the asset in ANLB and ANLC for any inconsistency between the two fields:                                                                     

>> ANLB-LGJAN is not equal to ANLC-GJAHR :                                                                            

In this case you need to run report RACORR96 to correct the inconsistency.                                                    

Run RACORR96 in TEST mode for your company code and it should pick up any asset in error.                                                                                                      

Go to transaction SE38: 

-> enter report name: RACORR96    

-> execute                                                                                                     

P_BUKRS                        "your company code"                                                                   

P_TEST                            X                                                                                     

-> execute

"Comparison of ANLB-LGJAN and ANLC-GJAHR"                                                                               
Here you should see the asset number and the company code which will need corrections.

After running RACORR96 in REAL mode ANLB-LGJAN and  ANLC-GJAHR show the same fiscal year.   


Cause 4                                                                                                   


The reason for the error is that the actual system date is for example in 2010 and the last opened fiscal year in FI-AA for your company code is e.g.2009. You can check this in transaction SE16 (T093C-LGJAHR =  e.g. 2009). This situation leads to error AA698.                                                 

Start the fiscal year change report (RAJAWE00) to open fiscal year 2010 and to avoid the error.                                                      

Note:  for error AA698 not to appear you should close the fiscal years for which ANLC records do not exist.   


Cause 5 (in case of investment measure involvement)


It may be that there are missing entries in table COEPBR. It could be that certain depreciation areas have line items in FI-AA table ANEP but which are not updated in CO table COEPBR.

For this you can go to table COEPBR, enter field KOKRS (CO Area) and OBJN (Object Number).  

Tip: in table PRPS enter WBS / Project number in field POSID, execute. Then check value in field OBJN, which you need in order to view table COEPBR.

Compare the line items for each depreciation area in CO table COEPBR with the line items for each depreciation area in FI-AA table ANEP.                                                                                                                                                                    

Please refer to SAP note 317806 and carefully read.

Run the correction report ZZAFANEW2 for the relevant asset and company code to update table COEPBR with the missing entries.  


Cause 6


The expired useful life in the asset master is not updated correctly.

In the Asset Master (AS02) tab ‘Depreciation Areas’ you notice that no expired useful life is shown although there should be. When you want to return to another tab, you get AA698.

  • Check tables ANLB and ANLC for the affected asset. These tables should have the same fiscal year as the current fiscal year in T093C. If this is not the case, then you may have to run fiscal year change program RAJAWE00 or if the last closed fiscal year in T093B shows a greater year than ANLB and ANLC for the affected asset, then you may have to forward the values to the current fiscal year via correction report RACORR55.

      You will find these reports on the SAP Service Marketplace    -> in 'Frequently Asked Questions'   

  • Just in case you have differences in values in closed fiscal years for the asset also, then run correction report RACORR110 before you run RACORR55. It can be found via the same link above.
  1. Report RACORR110 will align the values in tables ANEP and ANLC
  2. Report RACORR55 carries forward the values in closed fiscal year to the next fiscal year.  

When the asset has the same current fiscal year in ANLB and ANLC like in T093C, next step is to adjust the expired useful life in the erroneous asset .

  • Go to AS02 tab ‘Depreciation Areas’: possibly there is now a value in field ‘Expired Useful Life’ but it may still be the incorrect expired useful life. Although you might not get error AA698 in AS02 anymore, you most likely will still get it when you go to transaction AW01N: 
    The reason for this is that in ANLC fields NDABJ and NDABP are not updated with the correct expired useful life yet. 
  • Correct the expired useful life in the Asset Master via AS02 manually

     Go to tab ‘Depreciation Areas’ and remove the value in field ‘Expired Useful Life’ and hit ‘Enter’.

     The system will automatically calculate the correct expired useful life and fill the fields NDABJ and NDABP in ANLC once you SAVE the changes.

The expired useful life in the Asset Master for the affected asset is now correct. You may need to recalculate the asset  (in AS02).

Tables ANLB and ANLC are now aligned with the same current fiscal year as in table T093C and the error AA698 is resolved.



  • Always test a correction report in a TEST SYSTEM first if the same problem also occurs in any other system but the Productive system.
  • Always run a correction report in TEST MODE first. Then check the report output, and only then run the report in REAL MODE when you are satisfied with the test result. Only when the report is started in REAL MODE will the affected tables be updated.

SAP Notes:

1531737  Error AA698 - Possible causes and resolutions

2430005 - Requested issue on Asset Accounting answered by SAP Community WIKI

In addition, some SAP notes are available that resolve known system errors or bugs causing error AA698 in various transactions. You should always check and search for SAP notes in the SAP Service Marketplace for your Release and Support Package using search term “AA698” or AA 698”.