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This document is to introduce Authorization Group in posting period.


Users with the authorization group is to be able to post in a particular posting period, proceed as follows:

1. Define the posting period variant and assign the authorization group (such as ‘0001’) to it.

2. Check out the Roles that assigned to the User with T-code SU01 and change the Authorization Data.

3. Assign the Authorization Group ‘0001’ to Authorization object F_BKPF_BUP.


Please also notice that:

The authorization check is only effective if there is no overlap within the period ranges in OB52.

You can only assign authorization groups to the period 1. If the authority check is run through, depends on 4 different factors:

 1) The account type has to be '+'.

 2) The authorization group must not be empty.

 3) The actual period has to be part of period 1.

 4) The actual period must not be part of period 2.


1. Define the authorization group such as ‘0001’ in posting period in T-code OB52.

2. You can check out the Roles that assigned to the user with T-code SU01.

3. You can Change Authorization Data of your own Role with T-code PFCG.

Please then assign the Authorization Group 0001 to Authorization object F_BKPF_BUP.

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