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Balance carried forward for an account is not equal with the previous year-end balance.


 1. Check if you have run the correct program

In table FAGL_ACTIVEC the field ACTIVE shows if the new G/L is active. 

  • In case of classic G/L - transaction F.16 (program SAPFGVTR) has to be used
  • In case of new G/L - FAGLGVTR (program SAPFGVTR) has to be used
  • In case of new G/L with WRITE_GLT0 active - both of the programs FAGLGVTR and F.16 should be executed


If new G/L is active, transaction FAGLGVTR should be used to perform the balance carry forward in new G/L ledger(s). If the update of table GLT0 is activated in parallel (in table FAGL_ACTIVEC - WRITE_GLT0), transaction F.16 should be performed as well, to carry forward balances in GLT0.

Transaction F.16 / GVTR and FAGLGVTR are processing the balance carry forward in different total tables and are independent from each other (More info in KBA 1751173).

  • F.16 - total table GLT0 (display transaction FS10N)
  • FAGLGVTR - total table of new G/L which is usually FAGLFLEXT (display transaction FAGLB03)


 2. Check if the balance carryforward has been already run

You can check in tables:

  • T882 (classic G/L)
  • FAGL_CARRY_FORW (new G/L)  

In T882 field VTRHJ should contain the fiscal year where the balance has been carried forward. If it is empty, the balance carryforward was not completely done for the fiscal year (may be postings have been made etc.). The balance carryforward can be repeated again.

In FAGL_CARRY_FORW  field VTRHJ shows the most recent carried forward fiscal year.

 The screen shows that the last successful balance carryforward for company code 0001 was in 2014.

3. Check whether the account is a P&L account

 Transaction FS00  - P&L statement account

            Generally, the balance is carried forward as follows:

  • Balance sheet accounts are transferred with all additional account assignments.
  • P&L accounts are carried forward to the retained earnings account
    So in case of P&L account the balance carryforward is on the retained earnings account. The balance display (FS10N/FAGLB03) shows zero opening balance for the account itself.


4.  Check if the account is a retained earnings account

 Transaction OB53 - Insert Chart of Accounts

If the account is a retained earnings account there is no error. Please read note 176067 - Balance carryforward: Not equal to prev year closing balance for further information.

Within the balance carryforward, the P+L accounts are carried forward to the retained earnings accounts on the balance sheet. No documents are created with this, hence the balance carryforward cannot be displayed via the line item display.

The opening balance on a retained earnings account consists of:

Opening balance = Closing balance of the previous year + Retained earnings from the P+L accounts

Consequently, the opening balance on a retained earnings account does not correspond to the closing balance of the previous year.

 For more information please read the wiki page:

Understanding the logic of Retained Earnings account with Example


5. If the above points are OK, please search for possible errors in the program run

You can make a test run with FAGLGVTR. You can check there the balance carried forward and possible error messages.

A common error message is GI256 about missing transaction type

  • Please make sure that note 1039363 is implemented in your system. This will correct the message log of BCF transaction and you can identify the missing transaction types.
  • Maintain the missing transaction types. Please check the steps described in KBAs 1609968  and 1714547.


6. The program was run successfully but the balances are still not equal - Postings after the balance carryforward run 

  • When posting into a previous year, the system carries forward the balance automatically. This is independent of whether the program has already run or not. "Posting to a previous year" means that the posting date of the document has an earlier year than the entry date. For example a posting in January 2016 with the posting date December 2015 changes the balance carried forward for 2016. More information can be found in the note 65861 - Last fiscal year postings carried forward automatic.

  • If you already performed the balance carryforward and posts with the previous year (2015) entry date, the balance is not carried forward automatically. The balance carryforward should be re-started.

  • You post in the past years, for example in 2014 (Current fiscal year 2016). When posting to a prior period, an automatic balance carried forward is made into the next fiscal year but not further. For example, post from 2016 to 2014, the automatic balance carried forward is only made for 2015 - 2016 is not considered. You have to restart the balance carried forward program. More information can be found in the note 19174 - SAPF011/SAPFGVTR: no cascading bal.carried forward.

7. Error in case of "Accounts processed in intervals" or "Process accounts in sections" 

Please review the notes:

2097069 - Balance carryforward: Error after changing number of accounts to be processed
2283187 - SAPFGVTR: Error in case of indicator "Accounts processed in intervals"
2239915 - SAPFGVTR: Program changes for expert mode and balance carryforward history

More reasons are detailed in the note 402917 - Balance carryforward is not correct

Please also consider note 1930937 - FI-GL: Problems with the balance carryforward in FAGLGVTR.



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