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The purpose of this page is to clarify the understanding of the system logic and requirements in relation to the asset retirement through transaction code ABAVN


The following paragraphs and pictures will describe an EXAMPLE in steps of an asset retirement and the functionality of the main fields and buttons.

Asset Retirement with transaction code ABAVN

To retire an asset go to Navigation:  SAP Easy Access -> SAP Menu -> Accounting -> Financial accounting -> Fixed Asset -> Posting -> Retirement -> Asset Retirement by Scrapping

Alternatively: Transaction code ABAVN

 1) Fill out Field Asset with your asset number already created and with postings (press enter)
2) Fill out Fields Document Date, Posting date and Asset Values (it cannot be a date prior to this asset capitalization date.

3) If you press Line items , you will see the values generated for each depreciation area.

4) If you press Simulate button you will see the accounts that will be credited and debited. In this case 11000, 11010 and 200010.

5) Double clicking on each line item you can see all details of these transactions.

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