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Business Transaction Events (BTE)

Business transaction events:BTE is Customer Enhancements. It defines the standard interface, how the  communication is done to/from external system to SAP.
There are two types of interface available
1. Publish & Subscribe interfaces (also called "informing interfaces")
2. Process interfaces (also referred to as "process" in the following)
Publish & Subscribe interfaces:     These will inform you about particular events (such as a document   being entered) in the SAP standard application and make the data    generated as a result available to the external software.

 Examples of such events in the R/3 System are:

    -   Master record was created, changed, or blocked

    -   Document was entered, parked, changed, or reversed

    -   Items were cleared or reset

Process interfaces: Process interfaces are used to submit business processes to a
different control which cannot be realized with the standard system,  that is process interfaces replace standard processes. It is possible   to connect different external developments to the standard R/3   System. The additional developments are generally carried out using the ABAP/4 Development Workbench.
In this Document we will concentrate on Process interfaces

Business Requirement:
1. When the document is created in sap, there is some action to be taken, for example updating to ZTables or Information to be sent to Relevant User .
2. All reversed documents should be saved in the Ztables for further analysis or to notify the responsible person that document has been reversed.

To accomplish this requirement, use the Business Transaction Event 1130, Post Document: SAP Internal Field Substitution.

Process diagram:

SAP provides sample function modules (called SAMPLES) for each event, which describes the interface and can be used as a template for modules to be developed. To use a SAMPLE, copy it into your namespace and do modification according to your requirement.


The business transaction event is an event for which an SAP program extends the system  without modification, depending on the settings in Customization.

From the

SAP IMG choose: Financial Accounting ->Financial Accounting Global Settings -> Business Transaction Events and then go to  Settings -> Process function modules     ->of an SAP Application.

In the BTE (Business Transaction Events) method, function modules are called up in specified events, to which they have been assigned in Customizing. The event interface is predefined.

Step by step process to create the Business Transaction Event 1130, Post Document: SAP Internal Field Substitution.

Step 1:
SAP IMG choose: Financial Accounting ->Financial Accounting Global Settings -> Business Transaction Events


click on Eexute button(Business transaction events) then go to  Environment ->info system (process)


Give attribute type A (Application Component) and check short text only as shown.  Press Execute.


Select the process 00001130 POST DOCUMENT: SAP-internal field substitution
And click on "sample function module" on Application tool bar. It will take you to SE37 and name of the standard function module will be displayed.


* *Note: you give this function module name to ABAP Consultant and ask to copy that function module (into new ZFunction group) and give your requirement to him he will develop the code for you according to your requirement.

Step 2:

To do this you need to have ABAP knowledge.

Create function Group: Now open other session go to Tcode: SE37, take menu path Go to -> function group ->create group ( you can also create with Tcode SE80 )
Give Function group name (must start with Z or Y) and give short description
And save in the your package.

Activate function Group Goto SE80 (Object navigator) select function group and give your function group name and click on display.
Place the cursor on object name (your function group name) right click and click on activate.

Copy the function module:  Now come back to the Tcode SE37 and give the function module name SAMPLE_PROCESS_00001130 Click on copy button
From function module
To Function module: give your function module name(ZSAMPLE_PROCESS_00001130)
Function group name: give your function group created in the above step(Ztest22).

It will notfify you through Information Message "Function module name is reserved for sap" - clik enter
Function module is copied will see this message in the status bar.

Write the code: complete document details are available in function module internal tables.   You can develop code according to your requirement.

Warning: don't change the interface. Do change only in the source code tab.

Once you finish your development and activate the Function module.

Step 3:

SAP IMG choose: Financial Accounting ->Financial Accounting Global Settings -> Business Transaction Events -> settings-process modules->of an sap application
you will get information message "Cross table cross client" click enter
you will get information message "Don't make any changes to sap data" click enter

Clik on new entries
Give process: 00001130 and select your country, give the function module name you created in step 2.
Save the entry now it will ask you for Transport request no. save .

Now BTE(process 1130) is ready
Go to F-02(any Tocde which will create the accounting document) and create the document and save the it. Your function module will be called.

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