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What is the criteria to include a Material Ledger document in a folder in CKM3?

During the material ledger update, the system collects data from valuation-relevant transactions such as goods receipts, invoice receipts, and settlement of production orders.
This data is collected in different Categories in the Material Ledger in accordance with the material update structure.

The influence that these transactions have on the valuation price upon material price determination depends on the category to which they were assigned.
The following categories are available:

  • Receipts
  • Consumption
  • Other Receipts/Consumption

A receipt always effects the valuation price.
In the standard setup, the categories are defined in material update structure 0001 

The Original Process Category can be found in the Material Ledger document (Material Update button) and depends not only on the movement type but also on different characteristics.
The Material Ledger documents will be classified in CKM3 (Price Determination Structure view) in different folders: Procurement, Production, Stock Transfer, and so on.

Why are customer returns entered as Receipts in CKM3, above the Cumulative Inventory line?

How to include the customer returns in Consumptions so that the Actual price is not affected ?

  • Check the notes:

    575801    Returns and inventories in material ledger
    818051    Category determination for return deliveries
    2582661  CKM3: change of behaviour of a return movement type  

How to make multilevel a transfer material to material (movement types 309 and 311)?

  • Check the note and KBA:

    167722     Transfer posting material to material is single-level process
    2164525  Display effect in CKM3 (Price determination view) for stock transfer material to material documents after implementation of note 167722.


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