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The steps to change the COA of a company code that was created by copying another:

  1. Uncheck company code productive in "Company code global data". This can be found via SPRO -> Financial Accounting -> Financial accounting global settings -> Company Code -> Enter global parameters
  2. Reset transaction data for company code. T. Code --> OBR1. Enter the company code you want to reset the data for. Other option include resetting relevant CO data, regenerating credit limits and deleting matchcodes. Note: resetting CO data will only work at Controlling area level. It is recommended you do a test run prior to production run. This will display information on data being reset.
  3. Delete master data. T.Code --> OBR2. This transaction can be used to delete customer, vendor and GL master data. Select the GL Account box and enter the relevant GL account number/ range or leave blank to delete all GL accounts. In deletion depth, select "With general master data in company code" and enter the relevant company code. 
  4. Now the COA can be changed in the company code global data. If you need to copy the GL accounts from another Company code use T. Code OBY2.


  1. Former Member

    could any one help me who to delet operational chart of accounts once created

  2. Former Member

    Useful stuff.. thanks