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The purpose of this page is to clarify the understanding of the system logic and requirements in relation to changing account assignment template that is created by other user.


Account assignments template can only be changed by the owner, the user who created it. When another user tries to change it, error F5A365 (You are not permitted to change the account assignment template of user &) occurs stopping you from the process.

Reason & background

Together with SAP note: 683535, the logic is changed so that only the template owner is allowed to change his own account assignment template.

With this new logic, template owner (who created the template) is saved in the field USNAM of table KOMU. The system compares the actual user (sy-uname) with the entry of KOMU-USNAM. If there is a difference, the template can't be changed, and you get the error message F5A 365. The system works as designed to make sure templates are not changed arbitrarily by other users. Currently no standard way like customizing to change this logic.

Possible solution approach

You can try with any of the ways below to get the account assignment template changed.

- Log on with the data of the template owner

- Change the field KOMU-USNAM to the user name who should change the template
To achieve this, you will need to change the data in database. This can be done with a small self-written program or in T-code: SE16 in debugging mode. This should be done with help of your local programmer and/or local developer.

- Change source code provided in note 683535
To do this, for example, you can delete/comment line as below:

      IF komu-usnam NE sy-uname.
          MESSAGE i365(f5a) WITH komu-usnam.
          EXIT.   <<    delete/comment this line.

After doing so, although error F5A 365 still happens, changing is possible by any user.
However, please be noted that since this changes SAP standard coding, it is considered as modification, thus not supported by SAP and you should take the responsibility for all the consequences and effects doing so. So please discuss this thoroughly before making decision.

Delete account assignment templates

In case you would like to delete un-wanted account assignment templates, which exist after the template owner is not available (quitting the job or transferred to another position, etc.), you can use report provided by SAP note 795454 to delete the entries in table KOMU.

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