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This document is to introduce clearing rule which used during FI clearing


When you clear open items, you would like to transfer the value in fields which is not in structure KONTAB_1ST or KONTAB. You can define clearing rule to fulfill this requirement.  

There are 2 different clearing rules in SAP system:

  • Additional rule for automatic clearing
    It is defined with OB74. You can define 5 additional fields here for different account type and account range. This rule will be used when executing F.13. All open items will group together base on the fields in structure KONTAB_1st /KONTAB and fields defined there.

  • Clearing rule for manual clearing.
    It is defined with OBIA and assign with OBIB.


Please be informed that not all fields in BSEG can be defined in clearing rule, for example, MWSTS and HKONT. 


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