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The purpose of this WIKI content is to explain about configuring bank account for payment transactions.


Configuration of bank accounts for payment transactions is an important step. This is to ensure that for each house bank and payment method (and currency, if required), you specify which bank account is to be used for payments. Bank subaccounts are used to post incoming and outgoing payments (accounts for outgoing checks, outgoing bank transfers, incoming checks, and bank collection).  


Step 1: In SPRO, you have to navigate as shown below

Or you can use Transaction FBZP directly instead and select the option “Bank Determination”.


Step 2:

1)      Select the appropriate company code and then define the ranking order for the same as shown below by selecting the “ranking order” option on the left side (double click).

2)      Define Ranking order of the House Bank for the particular payment method as shown in example below

The ranking order sequence number controls the order in which the payment program checks the house banks to determine whether payment can be made from a particular bank.

Step 3:

Here in this step for each house bank and payment method (and currency, if required), you specify which bank account is to be used for payments.

How to configure multiple accounts in the same House Bank for the specified Payment Method and Currency

When you try to configure multiple accounts in the same House Bank for the specified Payment method & Currency, you get an error mentioned below.

“An entry already exists with the same key - Message no. SV009”

Please see the example below:


This is the standard behaviour. For the same House Bank, payment method and currency you can only assign a unique Bank Account. It is not possible to assign several bank accounts.

Bank account selection is based on the table T042I which has the following key fields that “should be unique”:

ZBUKR - Paying company code

HBKID - Short key for a house bank

ZLSCH - Payment method

WAERS - Currency Key

The field 'Account ID' is not a key field since configuration of F110 must be done for selection of payment methods. From sight of SAP its makes no sense to define more than one account for the same house bank and for the same payment method since, 

1. The payment program checks the payment methods in the order, given in parameters of transaction F110. 

2. The first house bank and its bank clearing account will be used, which is defined for the payment method and the currency, and matches the further checks.

3. The ranking order is the sort order for this checking.

So, only one entry can be created which have these fields with the same values. As fields "Bank", "payment method" and "currency", form a key all together. So in such cases please ensure the three criteria’s are different in order for you to create a new one.

Also as an alternative you can define the same house bank twice (with another identifier) and use it like a separate house bank.                    

New Functionality of Enhanced Bank Accounts: 

Please review the note "1640111 - F110: Selection of bank subaccount for RE items" where in new functionality is added. With this note, you can assign several house bank accounts to a house bank for each payment method and currency. The selection of the house bank account and, with it, the assigned bank subaccounts is made in each case for a combination of payment method and currency in succession in the existing table of bank accounts and in the new table of the enhanced bank selection. In this new table, a house bank account that may be specified is also taken into account.


Payment program loops over the house banks (t042a) and is then looking up this in t042i or t042iy. The only difference to t042iy is that you can define multiple entries for one house bank by specifying different accounts (HKTID). The order in which those entries are processed is defined only for the house banks (t042a). The order in t042iy is not relevant. So I think you need to extend the house bank definition to do what you want (T042A). Finally the amounts are checked (t042d) and if an entry is found this is checked. If no entry is found the whole process is done once again for the next house bank entry.



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