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This page will guide you through the process of languages of a cost center.


All cost centers (and other master data) can be maintained in different Logon Languages due to table (CSKT).
If you log in using the language EN and enter a text in the description row then that will not be visible if a user logs in under a different language, for instance Spanish (ES).
This would then have to be maintained again in the other language.
The text from when selecting the icon next to it i.e. the long text will appear if written in English first and then logging on to a ES system, in English.

Maintaining master data texts

- To maintain the data texts go to Transaction SE63   -> Translation ABAP Objects -> Short text




Search for TABL

- Enter the table to be edited (for example,. CSKT (cost centers), CSKU  (cost elements), CSLA (activity types), ... )
- Enter both the source- and target language and press EDIT.

- Enter the Cost Center

Now you can edit all the texts in the table manually



  If you want to transfer untranslated text from the source language to the target language:
    o  Go menu path Edit -> Copy Source Texts  or Edit -> Accept Source Texts (dependent on your release).  If you want to copy all lines choose All Lines and Save.

When you enter a period, all text from the source language is transferred into the target language. If some text has already been translated, a dialog box appears, in which you can define exceptions. This ensures that text that has already been translated is not overwritten.

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