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Cross company code posting error F5A134


Error F5A134 (No clearing accounts specified for company codes &/&) happens during Cross company code posting.

For example, when you post cross company posting in T-code FB50, you met the following error:


The cross company code setting is not completed.


Please check the following IMG setting via T-code SPRO:

Financial Accounting -> 
General Ledger Accounting ->
Business Transactions ->
Prepare Cross-Company Code Transactions

In this activity you define the accounts for the clearing entries the system makes when posting cross-company code transactions. These clearing entries represent the receivables and payables between company codes which result from central purchasing or payment.

You can specify G/L accounts as well as customer and vendor accounts for clearing between company codes.


  1. The required posting keys are already defined in the standard system. To display them, choose Goto -> Posting keys from the initial screen of the clearing accounts.
  2. Make sure that the accounts have been created.
  3. For cross-company code payment, you must also specify which company codes pay together.
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