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Cross-Company Code Transactions 

1. Definition


Several company codes are involved in a cross-company code transaction. In a cross-company code transaction, the system posts a separate document with its own document number in each of the company codes.

Individual documents are linked by a common cross-company code number. The system generates line items automatically (receivables and payables arising between company codes) in order to balance the debits and credits in each document.

You may use only one company code for offsetting entries. That is to say, regardless of the number of company codes involved, you must make one of the following entries:

  •    Only one company code on the debit side and the rest on the credit side.
  •    Only one company code on the credit side and the rest on the debit side.

 2. Configuration of cross-company clearing accounts

 Transaction FBKP

* *To configure clearing accounts for cross company code postings you can use transaction FBKP
Select automatic postings

Choose Company code clearings

 Double click on line item

Continue and enter values

You can also use transaction OBYA for configuration of Clearing between company codes

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