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Currency Configuration Transactions

The most important transactions for the ‘Currency Translation’ customizing are OY04, OB07, OB08 and OBBS.  With these transactions, most of the issue in the currency translation area can be checked and solved.  Therefore most of the information will be about the different constellations which can occur in the calls to the ‘currency translation’ modules in relation to these tables/transactions.

Transaction CodeDescriptionTable
OY03Currency CodesTCURC / TCURT
OY04Decimal Places for Currency CodesTCURX
OB07Currency Exchange Rate TypesTCURV
OB08 / TCURMNTCurrency Exchange RatesTCURR
OBBSCurrency Translation RatiosTCURF
OBD6Currency Rate SpreadsTCURS
ONOTCurrency Standard QuotationTCURN
OPRFCurrency Direct / Indirect Quotation PrefixTCURP



Additional Information

  • OY03 - All related information about the currencies codes, like the description, the relation to the ISO code, and within this relation which is the Primary currency.
  • OY04 - In this transaction the decimal places for the currencies get defined, that do not have two decimals.  Changes to this table are VERY dangerous in a productive running system. This is also mentioned if the transaction is called up.

  • OB07 - Definition of the different exchange rate types, with information like the ‘reference currency’, ‘inversion allowed’ and ‘Fixed exchange rate type’.

  • OB08 - Customizing of the exchange rates itself, for the defined date, ‘direct or indirect’ and so on.

  • OBBS - Transaction to customize the rations for the different ‘exchange rate types’ per date and ‘exchange rate pair’. Also the ‘alternative exchange rate type’ can be set up here for/from a specified date.

  • OBD6 - Definition of the ‘Spreads’ related to the ‘buying’ and ‘selling’ rate. (‘buying’ and ‘selling’ rates get used in the ‘stock exchange’ and the ‘treasury’ for example)

  • ONOT - This view defines the ‘standard notation’ for the different currency pairs. This has also an influence to the selection of an exchange rate in the case it has to be calculated (two entered values or ‘basis-currency’). 

  • OPRF - Defines the Prefix for the ‘Indirect’ Quotation, which has ‘only’ and influence for the ‘external’ view of the used exchange rate.



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