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According to ISO 4217 Amendment Number 162, the Central Reserve Bank of Peru has changed its currency name from Nuevo Sol to Sol, effective 15 December 2015.

Changes in SAP

During an upgrade or language update, SAP only imports proposal entries for these tables in the SAP reference clients 000. And entries for tables of the delivery class "C", so-called Customizing tables, have an individual, customer-specific character. The tables TCUR* are mostly class C tables, so they are customizing tables, which should be maintained by customers.

Change in customer client

Please use transaction OY03 to change the currency description.

Additional information

OY03 - All related information about the currencies codes, like the description, the relation to the ISO code, and within this relation which is the Primary currency.

Related SAP Note

SAP Note 162594: Missing Customizing entries

SAP Note 91096: Table Compare: Info about Cust. Cross System Check

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