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Russian-specific asset master data are required to perform property tax calculation, transport tax calculation, reflect data in Russian asset reports. Country- specific data for Russia and other CIS countries are not present in the asset card by default. Before start using Russian-specific data in asset master it is necessary to perform several customizing steps that are described in this document.

Customizing steps 

1.Country-specific master data activation 
Menu path in SPRO:
Financial Accounting →  Asset   Accounting →  Master Data → Screen   Layout →  Activate Country-Specific Data

2. Customizing for tab layout
Tab layout defines the set of tabs shown in asset maser card. Tab layout is assigned to asset class.
Menu path in SPRO:
Financial Accounting → Asset Accounting → Master data → Screen layout → Specify Tab layout for asset master record.

2.1.  Define tab layouts
Select activity “Define tab layouts for asset master data”.

Example of tab layout – Standard Layout for Russia G1RU.
Select line for layout and click “Tab page titles” in dialog structure on the left side:

Select line for tab “Country-specific” and click “Position of group” in in left dialog structure:

Tab layout G1RU has tab “Country-specific” that contains time-independent and time-dependent country-specific fields. 

Another available group boxes with Russia-specific asset master data:
S0209 CIS: Traceability
S0205 Precious materials content (Russia)

2.2.  Assigning tab layout to asset class
Select  activity “Assign tab layouts to asset classes”.
Select line for the asset class  and click “General assignment” in the left dialog structure on the left side:

In this example, tab layout G1RU is assigned to “asset accountant” group for asset class 1000.

3. Screen layouts
Screen layout identifies which data are shown on the screen of the asset master data. Screen layout is assigned to asset class.
Menu path in SPRO:    
Financial Accounting → Asset Accounting → Master data → Screen layout → Define screen layout  for asset master data

3.1. Defining screen layout
Select  activity “Create screen layout rules for asset master record”.
Create entry with following date: screen layout number, name of the screen layout rule.

Then it is necessary to define the screen layout parameters – select activity “Define screen layout for asset master data”.

Below is example of customizing for screen layout number 1000. 

In the list of screen layouts, select the line for screen and click “Logical field groups” in the dialog structure on the left side:

In order to specify further parameters select line for field group and select option “Field group rules” in the dialog structure in the left part:

Logical group 201 refers to Time-independent country data for CIS countries, including Russia. 
Logical group 202 refers to Time-dependent country data for CIS countries.
Logical group 209 CIS: Traceability

Please note that Logical group "205 Precious materials content (Russia)" cannot be added to screen layout, there is no need to do any additional customizing from screen layout perspective.
As soon as respective group is added to tab layout - it is shown in the asset master data. 

Time-independent country data (logical group 201) has following field groups:

G1 General data CIS contains: serial number, material number (see section “Remarks”)
G3 Transport tax CIS contains:  transport type, manufacture VIN, manufacturing date, ecological class.
G5 Net worth tax CIS: property type.
GB OKOF code: old 9-digits OKOF code.
GC Depreciation group: depreciation group used with link to old OKOF code.

Please use F1 to get description of parameters for field groups (required, optional, etc.).

Time-dependent country data (logical group 202) has following field groups:

G2 General data CIS contains: shutdown reason, shutdown document, pledged, pledge amount, pledgee, document number, inventory card number.
G4 Transport tax CIS contains:  power unit, tax base unit, license plate number, territorial code, tax exemption code, tax reduction code, amount reduction code, registration date, cancellation date, date stolen, return date, price category, registered in Platon.
G6 Net worth tax CIS contains: territorial code, tax reduction code, tax exemption code, amount reduction code, non-taxable.
GD New OKOF code: new 16-digits OKOF code.
GE Depreciation group: depreciation group used with link to new OKOF code.

GJ Traceability start: Traceability start date
GK traceability end: Traceability end date

3.2.  Assigning screen layouts to asset class
Transaction OAOA. Select asset class , double-click or click icon “Details” (Ctrl+hSift+F2).  Specify value in field “Scr. Layout rule”:

In this case screen layout rule = 1000.


As soon as customizing for screen and tab layouts is complete, Russian country-specific data are present in asset master card, can be filled in by users, taking into consideration in property tax, transport tax, asset reports for Russia.

Example of asset card with Russian fields is below.

Time- independent data  -  data that “static”, parameter for the asset  during the whole asset life.
If time-independent field is changed – new value will be visible in Russian asset reports, the history of change is not tracked.

Time-dependent data: data that assigned for particular period.  Can vary in different time-intervals.

Screen shows only data for 1 selected time-interval. To check other intervals, click “More intervals”.


A) Russian fields are not added automatically to standard asset reports; additional steps are required. Procedure is described in the knowledge base article
2473562 - RU-FI: How to add Russian-specific fields to standard asset reports

B) In release S/4HANA “material number” field is available in country-specific master data. This field is used in Workwear functionality, can be filled in only by system. It is not visible in the asset card. If necessary it can be checked in the workwear document posting, also it can be added to standard asset reports similar to other Russian fields (see point A).

Additional information

Activation of country-specific data: SM30 V_GLOFAACNTRLC
Assignment between fields of table and FG in screen layout: SM30 V_T082F
Link between field groups and logical field group name: SM30  V_T082B

Detailed information regarding all country-specific fields is available in the following WIKI page:

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