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This page is to be used to collect all information related to Data Structures in Profitability Analysis 



The Master Data determines the basic structure of CO-PA. This includes both units to be evaluated (characteristics) and the categories in which values are analyzed. Thus master data provides the fundamental data and content within the structures and is determined by characteristics and value fields.

To create the structures, the following need be defined:

-         The operating concern

-         The characteristics and

-         Value fields belonging to the operating concern from different field sources.

-         Identify and set non-segment-level characteristics

From a technical point of view, this actually amounts to creating different tables.

The operating concern is the highest reporting level within CO-PA; it defines the limit of sales and marketing information, which can be reported together from this module. One or more controlling areas are assigned to an operating concern when organizational structures are defined. Often, corporations have only a single operating concern, which is recommended for the sake of simplicity and convenience if all controlling areas and company codes share the same fiscal calendar.

The structure of an operating concern is determined by

-         Analysis criteria (characteristics) and

-         The values to be evaluated (value fields) (only in costing-based Profitability Analysis).

In a first step, the characteristics have to be defined for the operating concerns. Characteristics are defined in the Customizing activity Maintain characteristics. For costing-based Profitability Analysis, value fields also need to be defined. This is done using the activity Maintain value fields. These characteristics and value fields can be used in several operating concerns. Their definition applies to all clients.

After this, the structure of the operating concern has to be defined, by selecting the desired characteristics and adding them to the data structures of the operating concern, in the activity Maintain operating concern. If costing-based Profitability Analysis is active, the required value fields also need to be selected and added. The structure of an operating concern is valid in all clients.

In the step "Maintain operating concern", the attributes of the operating concern (fiscal year variant, currencies) are also specified. By maintaining the attributes, an operating concern is made "known" in the current client. The attributes are client-specific.

The controlling area is an organizational unit delimiting the organization's independent cost accounting operations (cost center accounting, profit center accounting, and order accounting). Company codes are assigned to controlling areas when organizational structures are defined. Often, a 1:1 relationship exists between the company code and the controlling area. However, a controlling area can also incorporate several company codes to take cross-company cost allocations into account.