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The purpose of this page is to clarify why error message 00 011  "Decimal places are not permitted" appears in some cases during posting.


There is a company code for example for country Japan.

During posting - for example in transaction FB01 - the error messager appears: "Decimal places are not permitted. - Message no. 00011." while trying to enter an amount with decimals in currency JPY.

Section 1 

The information about number of decimal places is held in table TCURX.

At present, SAP delivers the following Customizing presettings for table TCURX:

ISO Currency Decimal places
ADP Andoran Peseta 0
AFA Afghani Afghani 0
BEF Belgian franc 0
BHD Bahraini dinar 3
BIF Burundi franc 0
BYB Belorussian rubel (old) 0
BYR Belorussian rubel (new) 0
CLP Chilean peso 0
COP Columbian peso 0
DEM3 (Internal) German Mark (3 Dec.) 3
DJF Djibouti franc 0
ECS Ecuadorian sucre 0
ESP Spanish peseta 0
GNF Guinea franc 0
GRD Greek drachma 0
HUF Hungarian forint 0
IDR Indonesian rupiah 0
IQD Iraqui dinar 3
ISK Icelandic krona 0
ITL Italian lira 0
JOD Jordan dinar 3
JPY Japanese yen 0
KMF Comoros franc 0
KRW South Korean won 0
KWD Kuwaiti dinar 3
LAK Laos new kip 0
LUF Luxembourg franc 0
LYD Libyan dinar 3
MGF Madagascan franc 0
MZM Mozambique metical 0
OMR Omani rial 3
PTE Portugese escudo 0
PYG Paraguay guarani 0
ROL Roumanian Lei 0
RWF Rwanda franc 0
TJR Tadzhikistani rubel 0
TMM Turkmenistani manat 0
TND Tunesian dinar 3
TPE Timor escudo 0
TRL Turkish lira 0
TWD New Taiwan dollar 0
UGX Uganda shilling 0
USDN (Internal) US Dollar (5 5
VND Vietnamese dong 0
VUV Vanuata vatu 0
XPF CFP Franc 0

The JPY currency does not have decimals places. Therefore in the SAP standard delivery of course this currency is in OY04 defined without decimals.

This is correct and from a business perspective totally fine.

Section 2  - Solution

If you nevertheless want to use decimals for this currency, there are two constellations now related to a change:

1. There is NO data posted so far with this currency.

In this case it's possible to change the decimals settings in the OY04. As the related currency is not used so far, a change of the decimals will not impact already posted data.

2. There is already data available with the currency

In this case it's not possible to change the decimals settings in OY04, you will have to request a conversion service from the SLO team, as not only the decimal settings have to be changed, but additionally all related amounts stored in the currency. Related to the conversion service, please refer to SAP note 434349.

It is important to note that changing decimal place for a currency in your productive system when postings were already done it is NOT recommended by SAP. Changing it will cause inconsistent data.
You can only do this within the framework of a conversion project SAP Consulting SLO (System Landscape Optimization).




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