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This wiki provides a demonstration of the configuration of document splitting for transferring deferred tax via RFUMSV25 or RFUMSV50.


In the scenario example the document splitting is active and profit center is a mandatory field.

During transferring deferred tax via RFUMSV25 or RFUMSV50 the program creates a tax transfer document posting to VAT accounts. One of the items is a clearing item for which the profit center can be derived from the items being cleared. However for the offsetting item the profit center needs to be derived by rule based document splitting from the clearing item.

The vendor invoice contains two (or more) profit centers, therefore system cannot use inheritance.


In this example deferred tax code G1 is used with target tax code VN.

You can also check the tax accounts maintained for tax codes in transaction FTXP, under the option “Tax accounts”.

In this example, document type SA is used which refers to business transaction variant 0000/0001 (unspecified posting) and item category 05100 is assigned to VAT accounts.

In transaction GSP_LZ2 you can check the item categories maintained for VAT accounts. If you have different item category for VAT accounts, please do not change it!

This wiki is only relevant for item category 05100.

In this example the vendor invoice is posted with deferred tax code and two different profit centers: CP01 and CP02.


After this invoice is cleared you can run the deferred tax transfer program, which should transfer taxes from the deferred tax code to the target tax code.

While running program RFUMSV25 the error GLT2201 issued.


Step 1: Create new business transaction variant: 0000/ZTAX in transaction GSP_VD

Create a new business transaction variant (e.g. 0000/ZTAX) and define an appropriate document splitting rule for it.

Step 2: Create new splitting rule in transaction GSP_RD

In this new document splitting rule configure item category 05100 (tax accounts) as an item category to be edited with splitting by base items and assign the same item category 05100 with option "automatically split" as a base item to item category 05100 to be edited.



Activate indicator "Check tax code" in the settings for tax item category 05100 to be edited (but not for any other item category to be edited) in the configuration of document splitting rule


Step 3: Assign business transaction variant 0000/ZTAX to the document type used in RFUMSV25 in transaction GSP_VZ3

Assign this new business transaction variant to a document type to be used only for tax transfer postings and use this document type (instead of SA) in RFUMSV25.



Step 4 : Field status of Invoice Reference in Tax account for Deferred tax

From note 1377736 - FB01-Transfer posting for deferred tax w/ document splitting  the following is stated

In the field status of the tax account for deferred tax, the invoice reference must be visible, and set to optional. Check the Field Status Group and Variant via FS03, tab Create/Bank/Interest - General Data. Change to Field status can be made via OBC4. 



The activation of the split for the advance tax return for special ledger is not possible. This functionality is only available for the document splitting within new g/l.

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