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You can define rules that the system then applies to determine which line items should be transferred from Controlling into Financial Accounting with the following IMG activity:

  • SAP Customizing Implementation Guide->
  • Financial Accounting (New)->
  • Financial Accounting Global Settings (New)->
  • Ledgers->
  • Real-Time Integration of Controlling with Financial Accounting->
  • Define Rules for Selecting CO Line Items 


  1. Expand the hierarchy to the desired application area and event.
  2. Select the rule that is to be changed or used as a template.
  3. Proceed as follows to create or maintain a rule:
    ◦To create a rule without a template choose Maintain rule.
    ◦To create a rule using a template, choose Copy rule.
    Enter a name and a description for the logical rule.
  4. Define the contents of your rule using the formula editor: Enter a Boolean rule for your logical rule or change the existing rule.

Transport Type

To transport rules manually into the productive system, choose

Rule -> Transport.

You can also use the IMG activity Transport Rules:

  • Special Purpose Ledger ->
  • Tools ->
  • Transport ->
  • Transport Rules SIMG_CFMENUGCU0GCTA

Additional Information

You can find more detailed information about creating and maintaining logical rules in the SAP Library under Financials -> Financial Accounting -> FI Special Purpose Ledger -> Validations and Substitutions -> Rules.


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