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The document journal is created monthly and contains all postings of the posting period in the context of documents. The document journal displays the most important data from the document header and line items together. Depending on the accounting principles applied in the given country, it may be necessary to print the document journal on paper bearing a legal stamp.

Transaction S_ALR_87012287 now refers to the program RFBELJ10_NACC. Therefore the classic list output variant is the default. You can now navigate to RFBELJ10 from the RFBELJ10_NACC selection screen, clicking on the Accessible list.

The options that are not available in the ALV output are removed from the RFBELJ10 selection screen. The Classic List parameter is also removed, since a mapping of the RFBELJ10_NACC functions is not possible in this program, and the dynamic selections cannot be transferred to RFBELJ10_NACC.

Due to technological restrictions, it is not possible for the document journal to meet all of the legal requirements in an accessible version.

To create the document journal for legal purposes, use program RFBELJ10_NACC.

Further information you can find in SAP Note 979647 - RFBELJ10 / RFBELJ10_NACC / transaction S_ALR_87012287.

By means of the "Test" parameter, you can control whether the current debit and credit totals of the monthly report are to be stored in table TRVOR.

 If the "Test" parameter is not set, an update is carried out to the following fields of table TRVOR:

  • report name
  • company code
  • fiscal year from the posting period
  • highest printed posting date
  • consecutive debit total
  • consecutive credit total
  • last assigned consecutive document number
  • CPU date of the run

During every new monthly run, the debit and credit totals from table TRVOR are taken and displayed as a carryforward in the document journal.

If New General Ledger Accounting is active, updates are made to table FAGL_TRVOR instead of table TRVOR. The data is updated there for each ledger.

As written in SAP Note 556317 - RFBELJ10/Italy: Page numbering the update of the PAGNO field only refers to Italian company codes. Other company codes are not affected.



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