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CKM3 for a group of materials: drill-down reporting in Material Ledger

With HANA DB you will win:

1. Accelerated of period-end closing in Material Ledger (CKMLCP). 
2. Accelerated Material Ledger reporting: 
Accelerated Material Price Analysis (CKM3).
Price Difference Balance Monitor (CKMPDB).
Aggregated reporting, with new DB tables: FCML_MAT, FCML_REP, FCML_ALT, FCML_PROC, FCML_CCS_REP. Reading the joined data from new tables allows reporting similar to CKM3 by single or aggregated materials with the drill-down tool(KKML0).
Reporting on the Virtual Info Provider.

Transaction HDBC provides Central Accelarator Configuration: monitoring and configuration view for ERP accelarators with general application settings, replication tables and replication options.

2476887 CKM3 for multiple materials: Material Ledger drill-down reporting 
2424007 Drilldown reporting in Material Ledger: FCML tables can be used even without HANA DB

Documentation notes for HANA and Material Ledger

Check the notes:

 ERP Accelerators: Material Ledger - Drill-Down Reporting
1709952 Material Ledger Drilldown Reporting: Adjustments
1654778 ERP Accelerators: Material Ledger - Period End Closing
1654843 ERP Accelerators: Material Ledger - Virtual Info Provider
1654782 ERP Accelerators: Material Ledger - Price Analysis
1654155 ERP Accelerators: Material Ledger - BW Extraction
1748452 ERP Accelerators: ML Price Difference Balance Monitor
1654225 Derivation of customer specific fields in table FCML_MAT
Implementation notes for HANA and Material Ledger

Check the notes:
1626977 ERP Accelerators: Interface material ledger
1639462 ERP accelerators: enhancements in ML drilldown reporting
1651598 ERP accelerators: Interface material ledger - CKM3N
1736133 ERP Accelerators: Material Ledger - BW Extraction

Consider that it is recommended to enter the Unit of Measure (UoM) in the selection screen, as it is not possible to do automatic unit conversion logic for base UoM within Material ledger drilldown reporting. As a consequence, it also makes sense to remove the totals line in the result list.

FCML_FILL: updating FCML* tables

Check the KBA:
2189151 Why does the system not update all FCML_FILL tables in realtime?
2671700 FCML_REP and FCML_CCS_REP tables have not been completely filled


Detailed information about transaction FCML_FILL can be found in WIKI article "Material Ledger Accelerators and Transaction FCML_FILL".

Navigate to CKM3 from drilldown reporting

Check the KBA:
2418831 Call CKM3 from Material Ledger drilldown reporting in KKML0

You want to use Material Ledger Drilldown Reporting on S/4HANA

Check the notes:
2441212  ML Drilldown Reporting - use CDS views FCML_MAT_V, FCML_REP_V
2433831  FCML_MAT and FCML_REP on S4HANA1610
2467741  CDS-View FCML_CCS_REP_V on S4HANA
2552619  CDS views FCML_REP_AVR_V to show information about AVR and enhancement of FCML_REP_V

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