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EWCT transaction

EWCT is a transaction that allows to simulate the calculation of currency conversion. The simulation is based on the exchange rate maintained in transaction OB08.

With this simulation it is possible to confirm how the exchange rate was applied to currencies used in document postings since transaction EWCT shows how exactly the calculation was done.  

    1.   You must enter the currencies that you want to check:

    2.     Enter the date from the translation date and the exchange rate type.

The ‘Rate’ field is to check if it was a manual input, then customer should enter the value entered manually by you. Leaving it blank, the system will pick the standard rate according to exchange rate type.

Enter the amount if you need to check an exactly amount converted.

 In the conversion block system will show you the final result.

    3. This calculation is always based on OB08 rates or OBBS in case you use pseudo-currency/ Distinct exchange rate conversion.


Below image is from OB08, due to our example, system is considering standard exchange rate:


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