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Sometimes there can be confusion between the posting keys and debit credit indicators in tables BSEG and FAGLFLEXA when negative postings are involved. This article will help you understand the relationship and logic in this scenario. If a debit or credit indicator looks incorrect in FAGLL03 for example, then the following table will outline if the value is correct on the FAGLFLEXA side if you check the table entries directly in BSEG and FAGLFLEXA.


The following table outlines the logic behind table entries for a specific posting involving Negative Postings (BSEG-XNEGP = 'X'). This is very useful in understanding
the logic behind these types of postings involving negative posting indicators for financial documents posted with NewGL View (FAGLFLEXA).


If a line item was posted in BSEG with posting key 40 (Debit/S) and negative posting, then the corresponding FAGLFLEXA line item would also have posting key 40 but would have a Credit posting (DRCRK=H) and a postive sign in the amount field (TSL/HSL/WSL etc).  

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