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The purpose of this page is to help how to eliminate error FAGL_DB007 in T-code S_ALR_87012284 / F.01.



You have activated PSM-FM, and maintained the customer fields in the table FMGLFLEXT also, but when executing report S_ALR_87012284 / F.01 with profit center (for example) as a dynamic selection criteria, you got error FAGL_DB007.



If you want to use the reports related to FMGLFLEXT, you have to use the reports of report type 005 (Reporting for Table FMGLFLEXT) using transaction FGI0. There are three delivered reports 0FACBLNCE-01, 0FACBSPL-01, 0FACFS10-01 which can be used directly, or can be used as templates for your own reports. You can create copies of the reports or create your own reports (FGI1, FGI2, FGI3) and forms (FGI4, FGI5,FGI6) from scratch. In this case, that report type 005 (for table FMGLFLEXT) is relevant.



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