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Overview: BTE 00001120 can be used to change the data and return it to SAP standard Program. Usually in this BTE you can substitute only the contents of the fields which are released  by SAP for substituion.These fields are included in structure BKPF_SUBST and BSEG_SUBST.

Process interface:
If this event is reached then a process in the standard program can be replaced by an alternative process as below:


  1.  Define and active Product in T-code BF24
  2. Create customer own function module in T-code SE37 by referring to the example FM SAMPLE_PROCESS_00001120
  3. Create new entry for Process 00001120, and assign this customer own function module and Product to this Process in T-code BF44 or FIBF via menu: settings -> Process Modules

    Note: Some interface are country and application specific, if TPS01-XLBSE (Indicator: Interface allows country/industry filter) is not set,  the interface can not be selected country or application specific in BF44. For more details please refer F1 help of TPS01-XLBSE. 


  1. Created example Z function module in T-code SE37( Field TABIX contains a line number which shows from which line in T_BSEG or T_BKPF the field contents originate)
  2. Create document in T-code FB01
  3. Press “Post” Button, go to debug mode to check the substitution
  4. Check Result in T-code FB03
  5. Check call stacks



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