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BTE 00001140 is in the PBO part of the FI posting transactions (FB60, FV60, FB01, and so on). Here you can determine which pushbuttons or menu options are to be deactivated on a user-specific basis.


Table T_BKPF, with the document headers, and table T_BSEG, with the line items, are transferred to the additional component. In addition, the parameter I_PARKED is transferred; this has the value X if the document has been previously parked. You use this data to determine which actions the user is not to be permitted to perform.

Enter the OK codes that are not to be active in table T_EXCTAB. These are then hidden in the transaction.


  1. Define and active Product in T-code: BF24
  2. Create customer own function module in T-code SE37 by referring to the example FM SAMPLE_INTERFACE_00001140
  3. Create new entry for Process 00001140, and assign this customer own function module and Product to this Process in T-code BF44 or FIBF via menu: settings -> Process Modules

    Note: Some interfaces are country and application specific, if TPS01-XLBSE (Indicator: Interface allows country/industry filter) is not set,  the interface can not be selected country or application specific in BF44. For more details please refer F1 help of TPS01-XLBSE. 



  1. FB60>Menu list, Post and Park function is activated
  2. Created example Z function module in T-code SE37, if T-code is FB60, Post and Park button are deactivated

    OK code could be checked in T-code: SE41
  3. Check FB60 again, Post and Park button are deactivated

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