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Exchange Rate Determination

This article will teach you, the possibilities to determine the exchange rate for an FI document. In addition how to deal with the possible generated differences.

Transactions involved: OB22, OBY6, OB08, FB01 (could be any transaction that post an FI document such as FB60, FB05, ...) , FB00, OB08, ME21N, VA01.

The exchange rate could be determined in 5 different ways:

1) Derived from a Purchase Order, in a MM document:

When you are creating a PO, a exchange rate is suggested from OB08, but you can edit this, due some agreement, for example.

2) Derived from a Sales order, in a SD document

When you are creating a SO, a exchange rate is suggested from OB08, but you can edit this, due some agreement, for example.

Trick issue: While generating a billing document (SD) or in an invoice receipt(MM), could have several PO or SO related inside, so for consequence could have different exchange rates being passed for the same FI document. As SAP standard the header exchange rate will take in account the exchange rate from the first line item , what could not be the same for all the other line items.

 3) Automatically determined by system, according previous registered exchange rate, in transaction OB08:

If you determined a different exchange rate in a document from SD or MM, this exchange rate has higher priority than the one determined in OB08.

4) Direct in the document header, only while posting an FI document:

Here you can force an exchange rate, which has also a high priority from the one informed in Ob08.

5) Direct changing in the line item, while posting or changing a FI document an open document:

When manually changing this exchange rate the field, the field BSEG-HWMET is update to E, informing that the exchange rate was manually determined.

Hint: In case this line item being changed is the first and you have the flag "exchange rate from the first line item ", in FB00, this operation will also update the header exchange rate.

For other customzing of exchange rates, please refer to article Exchange Rate Customizing
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