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The purpose of this page is to clarify the difference between FB08 and FBRA in order to clarify when you should use FB08 and in which scenarios you should use FBRA.


There is a difference between FBRA and FB08.

FB08 does a reversal and it is used in posting documents. FBRA is used for cleared documents and does a reset and a reversal.

FB08 – Reversal

With FB08 (reversal) a new document with opposite sign is created. This transaction is used for posted documents.


A reversal document has the clearing document (BSEG-AUGBL) with your own number.

FB03 transaction:


BSEG table:


FBRA - Reset and Reversal

FBRA is used for cleared documents.


Only Resetting:  this option reset the clearing information (AUGBL, AUGDT, AUGCO) and remove the record from table AGKO.

Reset and Reversal: after the reset, this option calls FB08 transaction internally to reverse the document (create e new document with opposite sign).


*** Exception ***

For Down Payments the option Reset and Reversal is not showed.


After the reversal, XREVERSAL field in filled in BKPF table.

BKPF table:


How decide if FB08 or FBRA should be used?

First of all it is necessary identify if the cleared information if informed in FB03 transaction:

FB08 transaction should be used if clearing information is not filled. Otherwise use FBRA transaction.


Error message F5 361: Document was already reversed

 For error message F5361 read SAP Knowledge Base Article 1813819 - Clarification to notes 1667289, 1515670 and 111989


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SAP Note: 1667289 - FB08: Reversal document can be reversed

SAP Note: 1813819 -  Clarification to notes 1667289, 1515670 and 111989

SAP KBA Note: 1796941 - FBRA: option 'Only resetting' is not allowed when exchange rate difference is posted


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