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How to activate synchronization of master data in FI-AA (Asset Accounting) and PM (Equipment).


In Transaction SPRO go to the following customizing path.

Financial Accounting ->  Asset Accounting -> Master Data -> Automatic creation for Synchronization of Master Data.

Select an Asset Class and double click into the next screen.

Set the System to synchronize any changes made in the Equipment master data with Asset master data and vice versa as outlined in the screen below.

With the following settings, every time you create an Asset, via transaction code AS01, in this particular asset class an Equipment Master record is created and like wise when you create an Equipment via Transaction IE01 a corresponding asset is created.

Transaction IE03:


Also, anytime you make a change in either the master data (AS02) or equipment (IE02) the change is also automatically updated in both.

In the asset master data, via AS02, add a cost centre.

You can now see this update in the equipment Master Data via IE03:

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