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As part of the reconciliation of Controlling with Financial Accounting, it is necessary to compare values from FI tables (such as table FAGLFLEXT) with values from CO tables (tables COSP and COSS).

However, the field names and contents are not the same in FI and CO tables. For this reason, field names and possibly the field values as well must be converted during a drilldown from FI into CO, for example. The system performs this conversion automatically.

If, however, you use customer-specific user-exits, it may be that this conversion is not performed automatically. In this case, the automatic conversion may deliver undesired or incomplete results. It therefore may be useful to create an implementation for this Business Add-In (BAdI) to correct the results of the automatic conversion. The BAdI is run after automatic conversion.

Meaning of the parameters

    Table with selection options for the FI table. The entries in this table were converted or are to be converted.
    The name of the FI database table.
    Table containing the result of the conversion. In the BAdI implementation, you can change, add, or delete entries in this table.
    Name of the CO database table for which the conversion is to be performed. Only database tables COSP and COSS are possible.
    Table containing selection options that could not be converted by the system. If a BAdI implementation can convert these entries, you can delete the corresponding entries from this table.


You usually do not have to create any implementations for this BAdI, even when customer-specific fields are used.



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