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You tried to post a park document in FBV1 with no line items as below:

then you get error FP042 when trying to save the park document:



This is the standard behavior as per coding below:

LOOP AT xbseg WHERE bukrs EQ xbkpf-bukrs AND

                    bukrs EQ xbkpf-ausbk AND

                     wrbtr NE 0.    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

 l_buz1 = xbseg-buzei.                                  "Note 192045



IF sy-subrc NE 0.

 IF ygener NE char_1.                                   "Note 192045

   ok-code = 'AB'.

   MESSAGE e042.                    "Keine Zeile für Ausgangs-

As per above coding, if the field WRBTR (amount in document currency) is zero, error FP042 will always be thrown.




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