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The purpose of this page is showing how to suppress or require a field in a screen.

Error message XXYYY (Field BSEG-XXXX does not exist in the screen XXXX) is related to field status settings.


You have 2 options for verify and configurate the field status, using Posting Key on OB41 or  G/L account and company code on FS00 transaction.

To configure the field status, please follow the below steps:

Transaction OBY6 – Processing parameters -> Field status Variant

Field status variant: 0001.


Transaction OB14 -> Discover the Field Status Group 



Transaction OB41 -> Maintain Field Status 



Transaction FS00 – Master data -> Create/Bank/interest -> Field status Group

Double click on G003

Click on select group - > Check status of Field

There are 3 options of field status: Suppress, Req. Entry, Opt. entry.

  • Suppress: means that the field will be hidden. You cannot see the field there.
  • Req. Entry: You will see the field and it’s a mandatory entry and system will not allow you if you don’t select any value to it.
  • Opt. entry: the field will be displayed and will have an option of optional entry, it's not required set a value to this field.

  • This issue Field BSEG-XXXX does not exist in the screen XXXX normally happen when you have the field status set as suppress.

Check if the field BSEG-XX that you are having the issue is suppress, in this case you need to change to Opt. entry.

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