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What is the difference between Account group, Posting key and Field status group in terms field status?

Account group (for master data) manages -

  1. The number range of the masters - GL/Vendor/Customer
  2. The field status of the master data in the company code segment.

Posting key (PK) defines -

  1. Whether the line item is a debit or credit entry
  2. To which type of account the posting can be made to (Customer/Vendor/GL/Asset/Material)
  3. Screen layout during posting a document.

Field status group (FSG) defines -

  1. Screen layout during posting a document.

example of FSG - say in FSG G001 you have made the text as required entry and you assigned the field status group G001 to cash account. When you use cash account and try to post a document, it will definitely prompt you to enter the text field that was made as required entry field.

Both FSG and PK control the same feilds in a document. However, the system follows certain rules in deciding whether to go by the PK settings or the FSG settings.

The system follows the following priority rule -

  • Suppressed (Hidden)
  • Display
  • Required
  • Optional


The system always follows the priority rule ... Hide (Suppressed)

Only Hide and Required combination gives error. In all other cases the dominace is always in the above sequence. If you want to take the FSG dominace, set all fields in posting key as optional.


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