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This section covers a variety of topics that do not pertain to any single submodule within ERP Financials.  Topics such as currencies, fiscal years, user exits, and authorization cross many boundaries within the SAP system will be grouped here.

Main Content

Page: About credit control area in credit memo item when you try to clear down payment Page: About foreign currency translation tool (EWCT) Page: Accrual Engine Page: Assignment field (BSEG-ZUONR) not changeable Page: Authorization Group in T-code OB52 Page: Blank fields exist in Change Layout screen in T-code:FB03 Page: BTEs in FI document posting and clearing Page: Business Area Vs. Profit Center Vs. Profitability Segment Page: Business Transaction Event Page: Cannot add "Assignment field" (BSEG-ZUONR) as special field Page: Cash discount net procedure Page: Changeability of the fields in FI screen Page: Change Chart of Accounts Assignment to Company Code Page: Changing account assignment template created by another user at enjoy transaction codes Page: Clarification on setting "All CO LIs" in FAGLCOFIIMG Page: Clearing rule in FI clearing Page: Copying GL Accounts Between Systems and Clients Page: Cross company code posting error F5A134 Page: Currencies Page: Currency Name and Desciption Change - Peru Page: Debug - Posting with Clearing in Detail Page: Decimal places are not permitted - Error message no. 00 011 Page: Define Rules for Selecting CO Line Items of Real-Time Integration Page: Define Variants for Real-Time Integration Page: Display format in FB03 Page: Error: You are not registered as a developer Page: Error FAGL_DB007 in T-code F.01 Page: Error FI: Postings is not allowed Page: Example for BADI FI_TRANS_DATE_DERIVE Page: Example for BTE 00001120 Page: Example for BTE 00001140 Page: Exchange Rate Customizing Page: Exchange Rate Determination Page: FB02 – Changeabliltiy of fields in already posted documents Page: FB08 and FBRA - differences Page: FI-CO Reconciliation: Convert Selection Options Page: Field status - Acct Group Vs Posting key Vs Field status group Page: Field Status Configuration Page: Fiscal Year Variant Page: Fiscal Year Variants Page: Functional Area vs Value Fields Page: How T-cd: GCDE treat object table's data Page: How to create a Company in FI and assign it to a Company Code Page: How to Create Chart of Accounts Page: How to Create Retained Earnings Account Page: How to make input fields right-justified (or left-justified) Page: How to Set Company Code to Productive Page: Important tables in SAP Financials Page: Installment Payment Terms - Customizing Page: Installment Payment Terms - error FC444 Page: Instruction Book of Transaction EWCT Page: Introduction Book for SAPFACC0 Page: Japan invoice summary (ISJP) preconditions Page: Long Text button not available in Enjoy Transactions Page: Make the accounting document number same as the billing number Page: Manually entering Exchange Rate at Document Level Page: Message Control - SAP Customizable Messages Page: Negative postings Page: Number Range Buffers in Financial Accounting Page: Number Range Gaps Page: Number Range In Financial Accounting Page: Number Range Reorganizing and Resetting the Buffer Page: Posting periods configuration and testing Page: Posting periods - How to close FI posting period Page: Reset company code data Page: Reversal and Reversed document in FI - System behaviour. Page: SAP Security & Authorization Page: SFIN - Define Settings for Ledgers and Currency Types Page: Show main relevant internal tables when Posting in debug mode Page: System limitation of 999 line items per FI document Page: Terms of Payment customizing Page: The clearing line items are not merged anymore, although the fields of structure KONTAB_1ST are identical in cleared items Page: The standard system behavior for statistical posting and reversal Page: The status for open items displayed in F-32 and SHDB are different Page: Trading partner (BSEG-VBUND) in FI posting Page: Update currency (BSEG-PSWSL) in exchange rate difference line item Page: Update currency (BSEG-PSWSL) in FI document line item Page: User Exits in FI Page: Using Text IDs In Correspondence Forms Page: Validations and Substitutions Page: what are the symbols '-> and <->' stand for in substitution Page: Z Company Code Error

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  1. Business Transaction Event ( Open FI)