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KBA: How to find assistance for Treasury and Risk Management

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Solution configuration


Learn and get trained

Get Involved, stay updated

Browse through user assistance around installing, updates, security and operating on the SAP Help Portal

Get information about supported operational systems, databases, web browsers, maintenance phases, upgrade paths

SAP Product Availibilty Matrix

Stack Release and Info Note: find out what you need to consider after updating your product to a new support package stack

Top Notes: inform yourself about the current Top-Notes

SAP Innovation Discovery:

Inform yourself about SAP standard behavior using the Application Help on the Help Portal

SAP Community Wiki get access to additional information about SAP scenarios and system behavior provided by SAP and SAP Community complementing SAP Help and SAP Support User Assistance

Support User Assistance: for problems, bugs and troubleshooting

Search in the SAP Support Launchpad for SAP Notes for coding corrections and technical solutions for software errors, search also for SAP Knowledge Base Articles complementing the SAP Notes by describing additional issues in business language providing guideance for troubleshooting of problems or answering How-To questions.

Use following application components to filter for relevant content:


Troubleshooting tools:

  • Side effect finder: find out if you need to implement any SAP Notes to prevent issues, to find all side-effects of a SAP Note, use report SCWN_FIND_SIDE_EFFECTS, also see 1389392.
  • ANST: Automatic SAP Note Tool Finder. It helps you to search for SAP Notes, identify problematic custom code, missing customizing entries and  retrieves a list of ABAP objects from which you can choose appropriate objects to start debugging (KBA 1818192 ).
  • Error messages on SAP GUI Frontend? Find related SAP Notes and KBA using PANKS: Performance Assistant Notes and KBAS search

Learn which trainings for different topics around  Treasury and Risk Management are offered.

On the left side at the top menu bar you can change the country and language which best fits for you. See the following link for all different Training offers.

SAP Training offers curriculums for

  • FSC010: Processes in Treasury and Risk Management
  • FSC110: Customizing in Treasury & Risk Management
  • AC72: SAP Commodity Risk Management

SAP Community Get Involved SAP Community: benefit from experts around the world sharing their knowledge with you, benefit from questions asked by peers and answered by experts having similar issues and by  SAP Support.

Get involved in our SAP ERP Financials - Treasury Application Community.

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