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517673RE-FX Flexible Real Estate: Functions and restrictions 
782947RE-FX  Programming interface in RE-FX 
2132925RE-FX Executing BAdI runtime measurements for the area RE-FX 
2143225 RE-FX Generating BDT sub screen containers 
2146784RE-FXBatch Input for RE-FX transactions is not working
2207914RE-FX How to analyze BAdI implementations in RE-FX [VIDEO] 
2028442RE-FX-BDHow to set default status profile for objects in Flexible Real Estate
2255312 RE-FX-BD Runtime error when uploading objects with BAPI passing user fields
2240654RE-FX-BDError 'User does not exist' appears in RE-FX transactions
1569723RE-FX-BPActivation of contract not possible due to warnings (Partner Assignment)
1610804 RE-FX-CFConsulting note: Date of first posting 
1719413RE-FX-CFCash flow not displayed till contract end
1884431RE-FX-CFCashflow: List of accounting documents missing after upgrade
2163989RE-FX-CFCash flow item not marked as posted
2174571RE-FX-CF  2174571 - Condition reference not updated in cash flow table – CONDGUID not updated in VICDCFPAY/VICDCFOBJ
2329001RE-FX-CFCashflow amount is rounded down with regards to condition amount references
2455419RE-FX-CFCash flow record as follow-up posting
926520RE-FX-CNConsulting note: Contract partner change
1789489RE-FX-CNRECN: Assignment of more than one profit center to a real estate contract is not possible
1956570RE-FX-CNField 'Business Entity'- BENOCN is empty
2363700RE-FX-CN Missing overview lists in master data dialog after upgrade 
2244728RE-FX-CNRECN: Performance issue for lease in contracts with controlling object assigned
2453666RE-FX-CNRE-FX: Error in subroutine BDT_NAVIGATE_ABSOLUTE
2255555RE-FX-LA Release note: valuation of leasing contracts
2662137RE-FX-LASAP Contract and Lease Management (SAP RE-FX) - FAQ note
2692119RE-FX-LASAP Contract and Lease Management (SAP RE-FX) - Consulting notes
952495RE-FX-RA Tax code change 
775492RE-FX-RA Consulting note: Dunning with RE-FX 
829676RE-FX-RA Consulting note: Accruals/deferrals in RE-FX 
1062550RE-FX-RA RERAALCN: Enhancement for accrual/deferral logic 
2415556 RE-FX-RA How to resolve error FF817 or FF818 for postings by RE-FX 
2437067RE-FX-RARERAALCN: Accruals not transferred to FI
2267211RE-FX-CPRERAIV: How to print reversed invoices
1776756RE-FX-ISHow to add own/custom fields in RE-FX reports
2303839RE-FX-ISNew Fields are not showing in Info system
828160RE-FX-MIMigration from Classic RE to RE-FX 
2496879RE-FX-LC-INFAQ Goods and Service Tax (GST) - 2017 changes 
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