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The purpose of this content is to provide some a short hint how to have GL multiple selection box in S_ALR report.


Please note, that this is not an error in the system, but how it is designed. When the system checks the selection criteria, and reads from the database tables (COSPA in this case), it does not check if cost elements/ cost centers are entered twice in your ranges or cost times as single value, (Or as a single value and in a range). Therefore, please avoid having an entry for the same cost element/ cost center more than one time in your selection.

How can I have this Box available?

As I told earlier this is not an error in the standard report. Please refer to the following example: If you in report 1SIP-001(S_ALR_87013611), (or other CO-OM standard reports) for example have the following 3 ranges under multiple selection:

6120000000 To 6169999999

6160000000 To 6169999999

6190000000 To 6190000009

Then you will notice that the first cost ranges overlap, and as such, cost element 6163000000 is included in both ranges. Therefore, the Cost element is displayed twice in the report. Please refer to the following attached modification in related SAP Note:415223 Uniqueness check on selection screen.

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