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SAP released HANA accelerators for ERP Financials. It accelerates specific standard transactions and BW infosources acting as a secondary in-memory database without disruption and user training needs since the transactions are functionally exactly the same. Follow the transactions are accelerated until now: 

CO-PA - Profitability Analysis Accelerator

Profitability Analysis Customer Specific Reports - KE30
Profitability Analysis Assessments - KEU5
Profitability Analysis Line Items - KE24

FI - Financial Accounting Accelerator

EC-PCA - Profit Center Accounting

Profit-Center Group Plan/Actual/Variances - S_ALR_87013326
Profit-Center Comparison Plan/Actual/Variances - S_ALR_87013327
Profit-Center Group Plan/Plan/Actual Version - S_ALR_87013330
All reports included in PCA drill-down reports - KE80
Every customer defined drill down reports - KE81
List based Reporting - Hierarchies in Report Writer

FI-GL(new) - New General Ledger Accounting

Financial Statement - RFBILA00N
Financial Statement Actual/Actual Comparison - S_PL0_86000028
Financial Statement Plan/Actual Comparison - S_PL0_86000029
Profit-Center Reports - S_E38_98000088 to S_E38_98000091
Segment Reports - S_E38_98000092 to S_E38_98000095
Every customer defined drill down report - FGI1
G/L Account Line Item Browser (G/L View) - FAGLL03H

FI-AA - Asset Accounting

Asset Balances - RABEST_ALV01
Asset History Sheet - RAGITT_ALV01
Asset Transactions - RABEWG_ALV01

FI-SL - Special Ledger

Every customer defined drill down report - FXI1
List based Reporting - Hierarchies in Report Writer

Direct BI access to SAP ERP / SAP HANA data via data sources (RSA2)

Profit-Center balances - 0EC_PCA_1
Profit-Center key figures - 0EC_PCA_2
Profit-Center line items - 0EC_PCA_3
Profit-Center periodic line items - 0EC_PCA_4
New G/L balances - 0FI_GL_10, 0FI_GL_20, 0FI_GL_11, 0FI_GL_12,3FI_GL_xx_TT (non-leading ledgers)
Special Purpose Ledger totals - 3FI_SL_xx_TT
Special Purpose Ledger line items - 3FI_SL_xx_SI

CO - Controlling Accelerator

CO-OM-CCA - Cost Center Accounting

Display Actual Cost Line Items for Cost Centers - KSB1N
Display Plan Cost Line Items for Cost Centers - KSBPN
Display Actual Cost Line Items for Orders - KOB1N
Display Plan Cost Line Items for Orders - KOBPN
Accelerated overhead calculation - KSI4, KGI4, CO43
Accelerated accrual calculation - KSA3, KSA4

IM - Investment Management

Active Availability Control Monitor - RAVCHANA

Material Ledger Accelerator 

CO-PC-ACT - Material Ledger Actual Costing

Drill down Reporting for ML - KKML0
Accelerated Material Price Analysis - CKM3
Accelerated BW Extraction - 0CO_PC_ACT_10
Accelerated actual costing runs in Costing Cockpit - CKMLCP (Material Selection, Post Closing)

Product Costing Accelerators 

CO-PC-OBJ - Product Costing

Summarized Analysis reports with Product Drilldown - Datasource 0CO_PC_10
42 SAP delivered drilldown reports (as shown in transaction KKo0) are accelerated by HANA database.