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Purpose & Overview

With help of a new report RFOB5200 you can set the open and close posting periods in background for a posting period variant(s). Previously, it was only possible to open and close posting periods with transaction code OB52.  Now you can make the same update programmaticly.  OB52 is still available and should be used for single changes but this new program makes it easier to update a large number of accounts, posting period variants, or account types.  

RFOB5200 was delivered with SAP Note No 1483900.  With this report, it is possible to adjust a large number of posting period entries or to schedule the update in the background via transaction SM37.  It is still possible to use transaction code OB52 to open and close posting periods for a particular posting period variant. The functionality of OB52 is not affected by this program.


Report Execution

The screenshot below shows the initial screen of the report.  It has the same fields that show up at OB52 and therefore has similar functionality in terms of maintaining the entries.

Step 1: Maintain the appropriate parameters of the change that you want to make.  For instance, enter in the appropriate posting period variant, account type, account, record type, etc. and select the type of change being made (Change / Close).  For a change in the table entry, enter in the new values for From Period/Year and To Period/Year.


Step 2:  Schedule Background Job.  Go to the menu path: Program > Execute in Background.  The following prompt will appear.  In this case, the execution of the program will occur at a specific date/time.  Save the start time and then monitor the job at transaction SM37.


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2249389                OB52: No open period results in error FC452 or FC446: "Posting period not allow

2251160                Transaction code for RFOB5200: OB52B

2421622                RFOB5200 does not take S_TABU_NAM and S_TABU_LIN into account

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  1. If it is for MMPV try program RMMMPERI


    and on the FI side you can try SAPL0F00.



    Arvind Leo Pereira

  2. Really useful tip Madhu garu.  Thanks for this.