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How to read CKM3 for a 3S material: quick explanation with the 'Price determination view'

With transaction CKM3, you get a detailed Material Price Analysis for a material and period. For a material 3S (Price Determination = 3, and Price Control = S), you can use the 'Price Determination View' to analyse the origin and destination of the actual price (Periodic Unit Price)

You may choose different layouts and display some other detailed information, for example the standard layout 1SAP01 (Single and Multi-level step differences):

The actual price calculation is based on the Cumulative Inventory line.

The origin of the price differences are found above the Cumulative Inventory line: 

 - Invoices

 - Goods receipts

 - Stock transfer

 - Order settlements

 - MR22

 - …

Actual Price = (Preliminary valuation + Price differences + Exchange rate differences) / Cum. Inventory quantity * Price unit

The price and exchange rate differences in the Cumulative Inventory line are distributed to Consumption and Ending Inventory lines according to the corresponding quantities.

Concerning Actual Price Calculation and distribution of the price differences, see the following guide:




Which view shall I use for a material in CKM3: 'Price determination structure' or 'Price history'?

  • 3S Materials -> 'Price determination structure' view

    3S materials are materials with Price determination = 3 (actual costing), and Price control = S.

    The 'Price Determination Structure' view is suitable for 3S materials and shows the complete structure for the actual price:
    how actual prices are calculated and price differences are distributed to Consumption and Ending Inventory.

    The definition of the Beginning Inventory in the 'Price determination structure' is as follows:

    Stock quantity and value at the time of the period shift (MMPV)
    +/- price changes
    +/- backpostings (goods movements, invoices,... posted back to the previous period
    +/- closing posting of ML

    This definition together with the logic of the Material Ledger closing posting makes sure that for materials with price determination control '3', the actual value of ending stock is always equal to the actual value of the beginning inventory (as defined above) of the next period, even if there are price changes at the beginning of the new period.

  • 2V Materials -> 'Price history' view

    2V materials are materials with Price determination = 2, and Price control = V.

    This is a 2V material (Price Determination: 2 Transaction-Based, Price Control V). For 2V materials do always call CKM3N with view  "PH Price History" only, this view is designed to be used for 2V materials.

    You should not compare the ending and beginning inventory for transaction-based materials. Instead, use the Price History view.
    Here you can see a line called Period Opening, which reflects the stock value when the period is shifted.
    The period opening line of period 4/2016 matches the values of ending inventory value of the previous period 3/2016.


When shall I use the 'Price history view' in CKM3 for a 3S material?

  • If you want to check the Material Ledger documents for a material considering the date and the time of entry, you might use the 'Price history' view: you may include the date and the time fields in the layout.



Why CKM3 displays a document posted  in a different period

  •  Check KBA :

    2206915   CKM3 displays documents posted in a different period

Why in CKM3 the prior period ending inventory <> the current period beginning inventory?


  •  Check the note :

    300720   CKM3: prior perd endng invtry <> crrnt perd beginng inventory.

  • Check the transaction MM04 to see if CKMM has been run for the material 


Different actual price in CKM3 between Cumulative Inventory and Ending Inventory lines

  •  Check KBA :

    1664377   CKM3/CKM3N: Periodic Unit Price differs to the Price displayed in CKM3 


Why the 'Price Diff. Issues’. in CKM3 (or Retirements in CKMVFM) cannot be distributed

  •  Check KBA :

    2153872   'Price Diff. Issues’. in CKM3 or Retirements in CKMVFM: price differences in consumption postings


Late Price Change (LTPC) in MR21 and CKM3

  •  Check KBA :

    1902229   Late price change (LTPC in MR21) and display in material price analysis (CKM3)


Total Consumption quantity = 0, -> no revaluation of consumption processes

  •  Check KBA :

    2019100   CKM3N: consumption posting has not been revaluated in Material Ledger 


Understanding the inventory axiom: CKM3 and CKMLPP

  • Check KBA:

    1022675   CKM3: Inventory axiom - interaction of quantities in CKMLPP


Material Ledger tables from a technical point of view

  •  Check KBA :

    2207865   CKMDISPTAB: technical view for Material Ledger master data tables and Materials

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