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Explain how duplicate check invoice works.


The system checks whether the invoice documents have already been entered in the Logistics invoice verification; the system checks invoices that are incorrect, or invoices that were entered for invoice verification in the background. 

The system then checks whether there are FI or Accounting documents that were created with the original invoice verification or the Logistics verification, and where the relevant criteria are the same.

How it works?

In FI, when checking for duplicated invoices, the system compares the following: vendor, currency, company code, gross amount of the invoice, reference document number and invoice document date. SAP Note 305201 clarifies this in a more details.

  • Duplicate invoices are checked using "FI_DUPLICATE_INVOICE_CHECK", this module is called when invoices are posted via transaction FB60.
  • Duplicate invoice checking criteria can be customized using the open FI interface SAMPLE_PROCESS_00001110 (Custom Function Module) in rel 4.7.

Please, verify if the open FI interface 00001110 is being used in your system and review duplicate invoice selection criteria via transaction BERP. You may wish to omit the document date (BLDAT) field from the duplicate invoice check criteria to trigger error message F5117. In addition, table BSIP (Vendor Duplicate Documents) may need to be updated. See SAP Note 114563, for further information.


  • Duplicate invoice checking is not designed to work with Special GL transactions. The postings with Special G/L indicators must not check the double invoice verification since they must not have effect to the business volume. Please, check documentation for field LFB1-REPRF.
  • When you enter credit memos or subsequent adjustments, the system does not check for duplicate invoices.
  • Exception: Country-specific solution for Argentina, where invoices and credit memos are checked for duplicate documents.
  • No message is issued if you enter a document that has previously been reversed.

How to activate

  1. Transaction FK02;
  2. Enter Vendor number, Company code and mark "Payment Transactions" check;
  3. Mark "Chk double inv.".


Duplicate check invoice will check only Sales-related posting keys. To check if the posting key is sales related, go to transaction OB41.

If your post doesn't fit with above info, there are some options:

  1. You can enter the reconciliation account manually at the time of document entry. So you do not need to work with the special GL indicator anymore.
  2. The new Business Transaction Event Technique enables you to enhance the system without modifying it. You find it in the IMG for Financial Accounting or directly with transaction FIBF. Process interface 00001110 is designed to incorporate a duplicate invoice checking routine designed by you.
  3. You can use a user exit within a validation at call point three.

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