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This page will help you how to make your Company Code produtive at Company code Global parameters.


To make the your Company Code productive you need to set  the below tick the checkbox of "productive' at  IMG and path is below

SPRO > Financial Accounting (New) > Financial Accounting Global Settings (New) > Global Parameters for Company code > Set Company Code to Productive.


you have to select you company code here and tick the checkbox

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Company code Status you can check later at company code parameter with Transaction code : OBY6

Technical field name : XPROD

Field lable : "Company code is productive" checkbox

The field 'Productive' can be set in either Ttransaction code OBR3 or OBY6. The field 'Productive' is a flag for some deletion programs for example the following programs check this flag and return
an error if this flag is set:

  Program Name SAPF019 -> Deleting master data
  Program Name SAPF020 -> Reset transaction data
  Program Name SAPF023 -> Reset bank data

This prevents deletion programs from resetting data in a company code by mistake. This is the only implication as far as we are aware and SAP recommend the flag to be set. If necessary (eg for deletion purposes), this can be reversed.

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