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The purpose is to show the program RFF110S and where find the results of its run.


This wiki page shows the difference of the program RFF100S of the transaction F110 and how to use it. This page also shows the parameters screen and how to access this program and see its results in transaction F110.

Program RFF110S x Transaction F110

Different of the transaction F110, that runs automatic payments online, the program RFF110S is used to schedule payment program SAPF110S in the background. It does not run the payment although it offers the same parameters as are available in transaction F110.

To run the program RFF110S do the following steps:

  1. Access the transaction SE38.
  2. Execute the program RFF110S.

You can access the log of the scheduled payment run and also the lists generated both via job administration (the update run is scheduled under the name F110 - 'Date' 'Identification', for the proposal run only 'X' is appended) and using transaction F110. If you scheduled the report in the Schedule Manager then the output of the payment program is likewise available there.

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