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The purpose of this page is to clarify the basic customizing steps of creating a Company and how to assign it to a Company Code.


A company code is the smallest organizational unit of Financial Accounting for which a complete self-contained set of accounts can be drawn up for purposes of external reporting.
This includes recording of all relevant transactions and generating all supporting documents required for financial statements.


Create a Company

First you would need to Define a company. To do this follow the steps below:

Enter Transaction code SPRO in the command field

In the next screen Select SAP reference IMG 

In next screen Display IMG follow the menu path:

SAP Customizing Implementation Guide -> Enterprise Structure->Definition -> Financial Accounting -> Define Company

In the next screen, press "New Entries"

After this enter the Company details :

  1.    Enter a unique Company Id for the Company within your corporate group
  2.    Enter the Company Name
  3.    In the Detailed Information section Enter the company, address details such as Street , PO Box, City,Postal Code
  4.    Select Country code for country the company is established
  5.    Select Default language for the Company for print forms and  default Texts
  6.    Select a Local Currency for the Company

After completing all the required details then you must press SAVE.

 When required enter your Customizing Request number and confirm.

Then the first part of the process is finished and the company is created.

Assign the Company Code to a Company

Once the company has been created the following is to assign the company in question to a Company code.

In the SAP Reference IMG Select the following Menu path

SAP Customizing Implementation Guide ->Enterprise Structure->Assignment->Financial Accounting->Assign Company Code to Company

In the next screen Enter the unique Company ID against the Company Code you want to assign to this Company.

Press Save

and enter the Customizing Request Number when requested.

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