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The purpose of this Wiki page is to teach how to use program RFEBKA96 to delete Bank Statement data from the buffer.


This Wiki will show how to access the program RFEBKA96 using transaction SE38 and use its selection screen to find the Bank Statement that customers want to delete from the buffer of system.

Accessing program RFEBKA96

Go for the following steps to access the program RFEBKA96 and delete the Bank Statement:

  1. Access transaction SE38:
  2. After run the program, fill the Application field with value 0001. To go directly to the statement you wish delete, you can fill ID field (Short Key - FEBKO-KUKEY). You can find the ID of a Bank Statement in transaction FF_6, filling the fields: Company Code, House Bank ID and Bank Account ID.
  3. Check the statements you wish to delete and after press the button Delete Statements
  4. Below the result and the tables that were cleared by this program:


It is not possible to delete only one document inside a statement. System only allows delete the whole bank statement.


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